Harley Service And Repairs in Elkridge

Delaneys Cycle  is a family run parts and service shop specializing in Harley Davidsons. We have been serving Elkridge, Arbutus Md. and the entire Baltimore/Washington D.C. area American V Twin community for over 8 years now. We are grateful and fortunate to have earned the trust and respect of a great customer base and work hard to continue doing so.

Delaneys Cycle services:

 Maintenance, repairs, and performance! 

  Our best customers understand that a well maintained motorcycle is safer and more enjoyable, and that there is much more to proper maintenance than just oil changes. Properly performed regular maintenance keeps your ride performing at its best, protects your warranty and allows us to find small problems here at the shop before they become major expensive issues on the road. We perform all of the factory recommended services ( 5K, 10K, etc.) with more attention to detail than others. Of course along with preventative maintenance we perform all the routine wear service, like tires, brakes, clutches, cables, belts and chains etc.

  Looking to separate your Harley from the pack? We makes sure any performance upgrades are done correctly, with emphasis on rideability, maintainability and longevity. From simple, but effective, air kits and exhaust to big bore, cam and oil pump upgrades,


We sell the best in quality aftermarket parts for your Harley. We have an ever growing inventory and deal with all the major vendors, so what we don't have on hand, we can usually get next business day! See our links page for more info! 

If you ride a Harley or are considering riding, you are welcome to come by the shop and see what we are about. As a matter of fact, we recommend that you visit a variety of shops and find one you are comfortable with, even before you have a urgent service issue.


Harley® and Harley Davidson®  are registered trademarks of the Harley Davidson Motor Company Inc.® We are not affiliated in any way and we do not sell any Harley Davidson® branded parts. We are an aftermarket retailer and any use of any portion of their name, model names, and model designations is for parts fitment reference only.